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What to Do

Omboué provides an excellent touring base from which to explore the surrounding countryside.

19th century mission

A charming 19th century mission with its red facade.


Stroll Round Omboué

Stroll around Omboué and experience life in an African.


Island of Domé

There's no shortage of
history either.


Bird Watching

For the birdwatcher, the area is paradise.



We're renowned for tarpon and saltwater fish


Loango National Park

Elephants, monkeys, gorillas, hippos and bush pig.


Traditional entertainment

A night of traditional Gabonese music and dance.



If true solitude is what you are seeking.


Leatherback Sea

Witness the giant Leatherback Sea Turtles come ashore.


Nzaloungou botanical garden

Visitors can explore the world of tropical plants.


Why Choose Gabon ?

A relatively unknown, under-populated country where mass tourism has not yet emerged.
Picture if you will …

Dirt routes meandering through miles of rainforest interrupted by rural clearings, morning mist shrouding the canopy, children bathing in deep pools of amber, nature's treasures being sold by the road side...

And at night the mystique of Gabon unfolding: invisible swirls of cool scented air released by the forest in one deep sweet breath so pure it seizes your lungs with its intensity, the unmarred brilliance of the night sky, the lament of the hyrax, a panther slinking silently back into the shadows, a curtain of foliage momentarily disturbed to embrace a small herd of elephants, and the impenetrable darkness that cloaks the forest held at bay by village camp fires ...

It is, quite simply, a magnificent and peaceful place.


Day Excursions

The following excursions are offered daily (except where otherwise stated),  either independently or limited to a maximum of six people per mode of transport. The Original programmes can be modified if required.



Prices depend on the number of people in the group.






Sainte Anne



25 000 XAF +5 000XAF entrance fee

Sainte Anne: historic church designed by Gustave Eiffel,  mission, bamboo cathedral, magnificent site…




30 000 XAF

River with crocodiles, monkeys and multi-coloured birds




175 000 XAF

Botanical garden/dry season

Loango or Gavilo
(Transfers only)



150 000 XAF

Loango: National Park
Gavilo: Sport fishing, trekking…



Mountain bikes


Small town, quiet and pleasant trip

Traditional evening



80 000 XAF

Local story-teller/ singer with musical arc

Evéngué (Gorilla Island) 30 minutes   25 000 XAF+20 000 XAF entrance fee Depending on availability

Tours involving a motorboat have the added security of a back-up motor (2 x 40 horsepower engines).

  • Please contact Hotel Olako directly for further information.

Photo Gallery



Visitors can fly to Port-Gentil (Gabon's economic capital) from Libreville before transferring to a boat operated by the hotel. The air route between Libreville and Port-Gentil (25 minutes approximately) is well served with approximately 60 scheduled flights weekly shared by various companies.

The journey between Port-Gentil and Omboué normally takes about three hours and offers visitors the experience of four ecosystems: sea, river, rainforest and laguna.

Olako Hotel has three boats equipped with life jackets:

  • 2 canoes (Ombago et Ndjembagombe II) : 8 persons maximum
  • 1 shuttle (Eviva): 25 persons maximum

Regular shuttles: 25 000 XAF / person
All depart from Port-Gentil at 09h30 am from the Marché aux poissons (Fish market)

Port-Gentil/Omboué: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday

Omboué-Port-Gentil: Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday

*Half price for children under 10.
*10 kgs/passenger allowed. 250 XAF/kg extra (child/adult).

Boat and car rental
Guests who wish to tour the surrounding area independently can arrange to rent one of the hotel boats or 4 X 4 by prior arrangement of Hotel Olako's Marketing Department.

Boat rental (captain and fuel included):
Small boat: 300 000 francs CFA/trip Omboué/Port-Gentil or Port-Gentil/Omboué

Shuttle: 750 000 francs CFA/trip Omboué/Port-Gentil or Port-Gentil/Omboué

*Other destinations: to set with the manager.

Car rental (driver and fuel included):
1 Toyota Land Cruiser and 1 Mercedes SAFARI: 125 000 francs CFA per trip (Omboué/Gavilo or Omboué/Loango)

*Other destinations: to set with the manager.

Rooms & Rates

Hotel Olako has ten standard rooms and one suite ideal for families or clients who desire more space. Each bedroom is individually decorated in a traditional style and bears the name of the African wood from which it is fashioned.

All rooms are equipped with a double or single bed, hot and cold running water and air conditioning.

Check out is 12.00 noon although this time can be extended by prior arrangement with the Front Desk. Payment is by cash and can be made either in F CFA or Euros.

In the main lodge:
7 rooms at the following rates:


FCFA 61 000 /Night

  • Private living room
  • Double bed
  • Shower room
  • Air conditioning

Room 2

FCFA 46 000 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Shower room
  • Air conditioning

Room 3

FCFA 46 000 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Shower room
  • Air conditioning

Room 4/5/6/7

FCFA 36 000 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Shower room
  • Air conditioning




You will also find:

Annexe (at 500 metres from the main lodge):
four rooms at the following rates:



FCFA 43 500 /Night

  • Spacious - 04 single beds
  • Bathroom
  • Air conditioning


FCFA 26 000 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Bath room
  • Air conditioning


FCFA 23 500 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Shower room shared with A4
  • Air conditioning


FCFA 23 500 /Night

  • Double bed
  • Shower room shared with A3
  • Air conditioning


You will also find:

For families with young children, supplement beds are available.

Services & Facilities

Payment for services rendered by the hotel, restaurant or bar is by cash and can be made either in F CFA's or Euros.

Hotel Olako's unique restaurant offers a whole new dining experience. Built on water and accessible by a walkway, guests can enjoy good food and a marvelous view of the surrounding lagoon. Enjoy fish, free-range chickens, fresh eggs, local fruit, organic vegetables and pressed juices from Nzaloungou Botanical Garden.

Our 'Taste of Gabon' section of the menu features local and national dishes from Crabe farci a la fondue de tomate (blended local crab garnished with fresh tomato sauce and served on the shell) to Poulet au Nyembwe (chicken cooked in palm nut sauce).

Picnic Baskets

Hotel Olako has put together an array of sandwiches and cold beverages for the convenience of guests planning excursions into the surrounding area.

Download our menu and price list.


Enjoy a drink or a well-earned 'legs up' in the comfort of our air-conditioned bar while catching up on the latest news (CNN and EuroNews) from the outside world.

You may use the hotel’s complimentary Wi-Fi connection in the garden and on the terrace.

Hotel Olako has a safe available for guests who prefer not to travel about with their valuables.

Omboué is linked to the rest of the world by land line and mobile network (Moov, Libertis and Airtel). Clients can use their mobile phones in Omboué but must purchase a SIM card for Gabon before travelling to the interior. Phone cards in various denominations are on sale at the Front Desk.

Guests wishing to place outgoing calls can do so on the Hotel's mobile phone. Rates are based upon country called and number of minutes.

Guests can arrange to have their clothes washed and pressed for the following day.

The hotel provides guests with mountain bikes with which you can visits Omboué and its outskirts. Jogging around Omboué is also a possibility.

Practical information

Guests wishing to exchange money must do so in advance. Currently there are no banking facilities in Omboué.

There is a doctor available for general consultations. Any specific matters are referred to Libreville's private medical clinics. Visitors are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance before embarking on their journey. Coverage should take into account medical expenses including emergency evacuation, personal liability and trip cancellation.

Omboué's only pharmacy (chemist) is open during the morning and late afternoon (closed between noon and 3.00 p.m. and on Sundays) for guests requiring basic medication. Travellers with specific requirements should 'stock up' before departing for the interior. The Grande Pharmacie des Forestiers at Libreville's major shopping centre M'Bolo is excellent with the added advantage of being able to pay by Visa for purchases over 10,000 F CFA.

Basic necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap and so forth can be purchased in Omboué's small village centre.

Local arts-and-crafts can also be found, such as mats, baskets, calabashes and masks.

Guests wishing to send mail by post should do so from Libreville, Port-Gentil or any other major centre.

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